The Big Data Platform for Personalized Medicine


Turn data into medical intelligence with the Bina Genomic Analysis Platform. Bina is helping researchers and clinicians move from the inefficient and experimental medicine of today towards the data-driven medicine of tomorrow. At Bina, we’ve dramatically improved the speed, cost and complexity of big data analysis, optimizing from the application layer all the way down to silicon.

Hybrid Cloud

Enjoy the security and privacy of an on-premise data analysis solution with the simplicity and accessibility of the Cloud. The Bina Genomics Platform allows you to store and analyze your genomics data locally, providing you with maximum security and privacy. A private cloud can also be established among multiple sites to facilitate data sharing within a private and secure environment. Finally the Internet-based Bina Portal allows you to operate your Bina Boxes as well as manage your Bina users from anywhere in the world.

Bina Applications

Bina Applications are a collection of Bina Workflows used to support a particular area of research or assay. Examples of upcoming Bina Applications are Cancer, Newborn Screening, etc.

Bina Workflows

Bina Workflows are a collection of bioinformatics algorithms that perform much of the compute-intensive analyses to deliver the fastest, most accurate genomics analysis possible.

Bina Resource Manager

In order to match high performance hardware with high performance software, the Bina Resource Manager was developed to ensure optimal efficiency such that all Bina Workflows fully exploit the maximum power offered by the specialized hardware.

Specialized Hardware

Through intense and exhaustive research, Bina Engineers have selected specific high performance computer components to build a best-in -class hardware solution to support an order of magnitude improvement in genomic analysis speed.

Shared Storage

To leverage existing storage investment, the Bina Genomics Platform easily integrates with your on-premise storage system. A simple, widely-available Gbit Ethernet connection is all that’s needed to connect the Bina Box with your NGS data.