Fast, Accurate, Scalable Genomic Data Analysis


Bina Genomic Analysis Platform: Fast, Accurate, Easy –to-use NGS data analysis

  • Integrated and optimized software and hardware with automatic updates
  • On-premise analytics for security
    • Couple with private or public cloud if desired
  • Incorporates best-in-class analytics for SNP, in/del and structural variant detection
    • Incorporates BWA/GATK/
    • Choice of proprietary aligner (Bina Aligner) for increased speed and accuracy
    • Incorporates Breakdancer/CNVnator/Breakseq/Pindel
  • Incorporates best-in-class analytics for RNAseq analysis
    • Incorporates Tophat2/bowtie2/cufflinks/cuffdiff
  • No up-front costs, affordable subscription for low per sample fees

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The Bina platform features highly optimized software, co‐designed with a custom appliance, to greatly accelerate genomic analysis while simultaneously achieving best‐in‐class accuracy. Compatible with the latest version of BWA and GATK, the Bina platform offers superior indel and SNP detection. Our open platform accelerates all of the best-in-class pipelines.

Bina Aligner/GATK: The Bina Aligner/GATK pipeline performs alignment and variant calling of a complete human genome at 37x coverage in 4 hours. This pipeline features an improved version of our aligner for high-quality, long NGS sequence reads alongside an accelerated GATK.

Accelerated BWA/GATK: The Accelerated BWA/GATK pipeline performs alignment and variant calling of a complete human genome at 37x coverage in 5 hours. This pipeline features an acceleration of the latest version of the BWA aligner and an accelerated version of GATK.

The Bina Platform takes as little as 4 hours to process a human genome from raw fastq to annotated vcf. Monthly, Bina can process 100 whole human genomes, 1000 whole exomes or 1000 RNA-Seq samples.


The Bina Genomics Platform is priced as a service, with no upfront capital expenditures required. We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the market today, shattering the $1000 per genome price tag. Pricing is a monthly subscription, based on a typical throughput of 100 genomes per month. Our mission is to democratize genomic analysis and usher in the new era of personalized medicine.

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